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ADRIENNE BARBEAU X 3 Nude & barefoot (updated 5/08)

She starred in the TV series Maude in the 1970s. She also starred in the movies The Fog, Swamp Thing and Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death.  In the 1990s, she was the voice of Selina Kyle/Catwoman on Batman: the Animated Series.

Ok, no feet here, but a nice topless picture and I always enjoy a pretty nipple or two.


Great find!

Awesome! Thanks!
She was in a few movies I enjoy...Like Creepshow and Escape from New York...And of course Swamp Thing.

One barefoot picture and a topless picture added on 5/10/08

Adrienne Barbeau

nice addition... Forum Index -> Actresses -- A thru G --
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